ДО.06.57. Double swing. Pipe 57

Твой город
Swing for children of any age. They can be installed on the territory of the house, in places of active recreation.

The swing frame includes 4 support posts and a beam to accommodate the swing suspension. The suspension consists of a frame, two benches and a floor.
Technical description

Technical description

The support posts and the suspension frame are made of round steel pipes of different diameters, the material of the plugs is plastic. The suspension floors are made of steel sheet, the seats and backs are made of PF plywood, covered with fire protection and enamels. Metal parts are painted with polymer - powder or permanent anti-corrosion paint, resistant to difficult atmospheric conditions, abrasion and UV exposure.

Installation with mandatory concreting of racks into the ground.

The power frame is collapsible.


Diameter of support pipes: 57 mm

Safety area: 5000 х 4000 mm

Concreting depth: 500 mm

Diameter of the suspension frame: 33 mm

lwh: 1500x2000x2200

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