СО.06. Two-level parallel Bars

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Parallel Bars are mandatory element of any outdoor sports ground, along with a pull-up bar. Designed to perform restorative exercises in outdoor conditions by people of any age. Classes on uneven bars develop endurance, flexibility and coordination.

The bars consist of six vertical support posts and four horizontal crossbars. The power frame is collapsible.
Technical description

Technical description

The crossbars are fixed at a height of 1400 / 1000 mm using metal clamps or bolted connection (joint - groove). The material of the pipe is steel, the material of the plugs is plastic. Painting with polymer-powder or permanent anti-corrosion paint, resistant to difficult atmospheric conditions, abrasion, UV exposure.

The installation of the complex is carried out with the obligatory concreting of the support posts in the ground.


Diameter of support pipes: 76 / 89 / 108 mm

The height of the crossbar above ground: 1400 / 1000 mm

Width of the crossbar: 1600 / 1200 mm

Crossbar diameter: 42 mm

Depth of concreting of racks: 500 mm

Dimensions for transportation: 200 х 200 х 2000 mm1 place; 100 х 200 х 1600 mm 2th place

Weight: 113 kg

Safety area: 6070 х 3600 mm

lwh: 3070x600x1500

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