СО.23.02. Sports complex

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The complex is designed to perform general developing and strengthening exercises in outdoor conditions  by people of different ages.
The complex can be used in places of active recreation, group classes on the territory of the school site and sports grounds.

The complex consists of six vertical support posts. Between the support posts there are crossbars of two Swedish walls, two horizontal bars at different levels, a crossbar with a rope, a crossbar with gymnastic rings 2 pcs.
The power frame of the complex is collapsible, swedish wall — all-welded.
Technical description

Technical description

The crossbars are attached to the support posts using metal clamps or a bolted connection (joint - groove). The material of the pipes is steel, the material of the plugs is plastic, the material of the rope is polypropylene. Painting of metal parts with polymer-powder or permanent anti-corrosion paint, resistant to difficult atmospheric conditions, abrasion, UV exposure.

The installation of the complex is carried out with the obligatory concreting of the support pillars in the ground.


Diameter of support pipes: 76 / 89 / 108 mm

Depth of concreting of racks: 700 mm

lwh: 2500x2500x2400

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