УТ.22. Outdoor Exercise Machine Chest Press with variable load from a lying position

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Outdoor trainer for performing various general developmental exercises in outdoor conditions by people of any age.

The trainer consists of two support posts with foot rests.
Technical description

Technical description

The support struts and additional elements are made of round-section steel pipe. The material of the plugs is high-strength frost-resistant plastic, the material of the handles is rubber. The complex consists of 5 rubberized cast-iron disk-weighting. The bench is made of moisture-resistant plywood. All metal structures are painted with polymer-powder or permanent anti-corrosion paint, resistant to difficult atmospheric conditions, abrasion and UV exposure.

The installation of the simulator is carried out with the obligatory concreting of the support post into the ground


Depth of concreting of racks: 500 mm

Diameter of pipes of additional elements: not less than 33 mm

Diameter of the support posts: not less than 70 mm

Weight of 1 disc: 10 kg

lwh: 1100x1000x1400

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