СМ.11.01. Bench without backrest

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Children's tables and benches will complement the children's playground. Designed for year-round use in outdoor conditions. Suitable for house territories, kindergarten territories.

The bench consists of a frame and five seats. On one side of the bench, a crocodile's head is made of a pipe.
Technical description

Technical description

The material of the frame pipe is steel, the material of the seats is PF plywood.
Painting of metal parts with polymer-powder or permanent anti-corrosion paint resistant to difficult atmospheric conditions, abrasion, UV exposure.

The installation is carried out with mandatory concreting of the support posts in the ground.


Diameter of support pipes: 25 / 32 / 42 mm

Concreting depth: 300 mm

Plywood thickness: at least 12 mm

lwh: 5500x500x600

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