ДОП.09. Playground structures

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Wooden towns contribute to the development of dexterity and strength in children. They can be placed on the territory of the house or in places of active recreation. Designed for year-round use.

The game complex consists of two playgrounds with a roof, steps and two slides.

*under the order (delivery time 30 - 60 days)
Technical description

Technical description

The children's playground is made of softwood treated with a safe decorative and protective impregnation. Impregnation significantly increases the service life of structures, increases the strength of wood, protects it from rotting and fungi. Processing gives the wood a pleasant shade, manifests and emphasizes its texture. The impregnation used does not contain toxic components, is environmentally friendly and absolutely safe for the child.
The slide ramp is made of high-strength frost-resistant plastic.

Installation of a complex with mandatory concreting of mortgages into the ground.


Concreting depth: 300 mm

lwh: 4500x4100x3800

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