СО.ГТО.03. Bench with flexibility scale

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Designed for the preparation and implementation of the standard test of the GTO complex "Leaning forward from a standing position on a gymnastic bench", general physical training.

It consists of four vertical support pillars, four crossbars and one bench with a scale for flexibility.
Technical description

Technical description

All elements of the complex are fastened with bolted connections. The material of the pipes is steel, the material of the plugs is plastic, the benches are made of laminated plywood, the scale for measuring flexibility is made of metal plastic with laminated printing. Painting of metal parts with polymer-powder or permanent anti-corrosion paint, resistant to difficult atmospheric conditions, abrasion, UV exposure.

The installation of the complex is carried out with the obligatory concreting of the support pillars in the ground.


Diameter of support pipes: not less than 70 mm

Depth of concreting of racks: 300 mm

Crossbar profile: 40 х 20 mm

Plywood thickness: not less than 15 mm

lwh: 1500x400x450

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