СО.ГТО.17. Monkey bar with height change and the possibility of using additional accessories (movable rings) 6 m long, with auxiliary handles for the disabled and persons with disabilities

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It consists of eight vertical support pillars, one section of the handle with gymnastic rings on suspensions, one section of the horizontal handle, one section of the inclined handle, one small Swedish wall and two auxiliary handles.
Technical description

Technical description

All elements of the complex are fastened with bolted connections. The support posts and crossbars are made of round steel pipes of different diameters. Painting of metal parts with polymer-powder or permanent anti-corrosion paint, resistant to difficult atmospheric conditions, abrasion, UV exposure.

The installation of the complex is carried out with the obligatory concreting of the support pillars in the ground.


Diameter of support pipes: not less than 70 mm

Depth of concreting of racks: 500 mm

Crossbar diameter: not less than 25 mm

lwh: 6160x1360x2800

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