К.03. Rope play complex

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Rope complexes are a rope spatial structure for outdoor playgrounds.

The rope complex K.03. consists of a support rack and ropes. The ropes are attached to the support post at the highest point of the structure, then the beams go to the ground.

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Technical description

Technical description

Reinforced polypropylene 6-strand rope, cross-shaped connectors, galvanized bushings, crimping aluminum bushings are used for the manufacture of the mesh. Connectors can be of two types: "eggs" (made of polyamide or aluminum alloy) or s-shaped stainless steel hooks. The construction also uses plates made of a rubber conveyor belt — through them the structure is attached to the support pipe. The grid is attached to the support post.

From 4 sides ("rays") the structure is attached to the surface of the playground using turnbuckles, which provide the necessary tension. The installation of the structure is carried out by concreting the embedded elements — the central and corner mortgages. The structure is attached to concrete blocks located at ground level, we recommend putting a shock-absorbing coating (rubber tile) on top.


Diameter of the support post: 108 mm

Concreting depth: 700 mm

lwh: 8000x8000x4000

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