ПП. 03. Fence with inclined board

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The obstacle course is designed for comprehensive improvement of physical fitness of schoolchildren.

A fence with an inclined board is part of an obstacle course, it consists of a wall and a ladder with wooden steps attached to it. The structure is assembled on a metal frame.
Technical description

Technical description

The frame of the structure is made of rectangular steel pipe and angular equal-pole steel. The fence module is sheathed with laminated plywood with mesh coating to prevent slipping. The material of the inclined board and steps is wood. The board is covered with a protective compound. Metal parts are painted with polymer - powder or permanent anti-corrosion paint, resistant to difficult atmospheric conditions, abrasion and UV exposure.

Installation with mandatory concreting of racks into the ground.

The frame of the structure is all-welded, the inclined board is bolted to the fence.


Concreting depth: 700 mm

Profile of the corner of the frame: 63/5 и 35/4 mm

Frame Pipe Profile: not less than 25 x 25 mm

lwh: 3000x2850x2000

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