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Sports obstacle course for schoolchildren

The obstacle course effectively and comprehensively improves the physical fitness of boys and girls.
The obstacle course is modular: the number of modules and their frequency of location are determined by the actual terrain.
The maximum length of the strip is 100 meters. The width for a single version is 8 meters, for a double version — 16 meters

When passing the obstacle course:

  • You will become more resilient
    Motor skills develop, as well as speed, speed-strength endurance, general endurance and agility
  • You will learn to own the body
    The basics of physical self-improvement and self-control are being taught
  • You will master new techniques
    You will master the technique of overcoming obstacles, throwing grenades, special techniques and actions in various combinations
  • You will become stronger
    The body's resistance to physical exertion and diseases increases
  • You will become part of the team
    You will master the skills of collective action against the background of increased physical exertion
  • You will strengthen the spirit
    Moral and volitional qualities develop, courage, perseverance, self-confidence, collectivism are brought up

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