ПП. 04. The destroyed bridge

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The obstacle course is designed for comprehensive improvement of physical fitness of schoolchildren.

Разрушенный мост — часть полосы препятствий, состоит из нескольких модулей, собираемых в три независимых отрезка. Изделие представляет собой деревянный брус, закрепленный на высоте 2 м на стойках и образующий ломаную линию с разрывами.
Technical description

Technical description

The frame of the structure is made of rectangular and round steel pipes, on which a softwood bar is attached. Wooden parts are covered with a protective compound. Metal parts are painted with polymer - powder or permanent anti-corrosion paint, resistant to difficult atmospheric conditions, abrasion and UV exposure.

Installation with mandatory concreting of racks into the ground.


Frame profile: 80 х 80 mm

Concreting depth: 700 mm

Lengths of segments: 2 + 3,8 + 3,8 м

Beam: 150 х 150 mm

Diameter of the frame pipe: 38 mm

lwh: 9600x2100x2000

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