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Children's and sports grounds
for any territory
The plant for the production of street furniture "Your City"‎
produces and installs playgrounds and sports grounds
  • «Social Business
    of the Year 2017»
  • «Best Production Project 2018»
    according to the Business - Success award
Why us?
  • 1
    Proprietary production
    We independently produce all the elements of our playgrounds and sports grounds in Khabarovsk.
    This allows you not to overpay for transportation from distant regions
  • 2
    International quality standards
    Our playgrounds are certified for compliance with the technical regulations of the Eurasian Customs Union 042/2017 "On the safety of equipment for children's playgrounds"
  • 3
    Work experience
    We work with individuals, budget organizations, management companies, developers, etc. We are chosen as a reliable contractor and partner

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First person
company history

Maxim Moskvitin
CEO of the company Your City
The history of the company Your City is the story of my life, proving that a person can do anything!
The main thing is to want and make every effort.
The history of the company's development is the answer to the question why I left law and became a production worker
In 2013, when I was 24 years old and my eldest daughter turned 2, my wife and I faced the problem of modern parents: the lack of safe and modern playgrounds in the yards.

We had nowhere to walk with the child: in all the courtyards of Khabarovsk (as well as in all cities of Russia) there was either a complete absence of children's play areas, or — "Soviet" heritage, or — "homemade".

That's when I came up with the idea of supplying modern bright children's complexes, outdoor exercise equipment and sports fields from neighboring China. There such complexes were already very common.
YourCity Company
That's how YourCity was born. During the formation and development of the company — from 2017 to 2020, I invested 20 million rubles in the development of my production. During the development of production, I took into account all the best that I could see and learn from other manufacturers of similar products, both Russian and foreign.

Our company has gone from selling the same type of playgrounds and sports grounds to developing its own production of modern, safe, certified multifunctional playgrounds for children and sports in Khabarovsk.
ЗПМАФ Твой Город НАШЕ Производство 2022
MAF Production Plant
In 2021, the company grew to a plant for the production of street furniture "Your City". Today we are a full—cycle plant with year-round loading.

We work at welding stations with German-made semi-automatic welding machines; on digital pipe bends and profile bends; with a CNC plasma cutter; a CNC milling machine.

Our arsenal includes a powder chamber produced at the Moscow plant, which allows us to apply a polarizing layer to the metal, which protects the metal from rust, and the paint from fading. Due to a threefold increase in investments (compared to 2017-2020), a new workshop was built, where a rotational molding unit for the production of plastic products is located.

Our assortment is increasing year after year. Today, in addition to children's and sports grounds, we produce, for example, plastic car wreckers, flower beds, solid waste tanks and lampposts
Репортаж канала Хабаровск от 01.02.22 о Заводе производства МАФ "Твой Город"
Electronic auctions
We actively participate in electronic auctions within the framework of 44-FZ and 223-FZ.

Our participation begins with a visit to the customer's site and drawing up a turnkey estimate or inspection of the existing estimate. We also draw up technical specifications based on our experience and installation of playgrounds in different types of soil throughout the Far East.

Thus, we work with the buyer of the electronic auction on a turnkey basis. According to our documents, it will be easy for any winning auction company to work

Children are the most precious thing that parents have

Therefore, we are focused on the production of the best products,
the testing of which I often entrust to my own children
If we were numbers that's how it is
876 equipped
turnkey platforms
cooperation with territorial public self-government
population centers
10 158
manufactured objects annually

Our goal is to expand people's perception of a comfortable urban environment and raise the level of our industry

Our Awards

News about the company Your city

And they also write articles about us: you can read here, here, and here — on the official website of the government of the Khabarovsk Territory, and here (go to telegram).

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